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What is integrated care?

Integrated care means combining different parts of the health and social care system so that they work seamlessly together.

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The opposite of integrated care is fragmented care which leads to:

  • patients accessing the wrong care, in the wrong place, due to the complexity of the system
  • patients having to repeat their stories to different healthcare professionals numerous times and information not being shared in a timely or appropriate way
  • patients seeing healthcare professionals who are not up-to-date with their story, resulting in duplication
    of effort and less effective care
  • patients receiving treatments which have already tried before, are unlikely to work, or, in the worst case, are potentially harmful
  • healthcare professionals trying to deliver care without the most up-to-date patient information or the expertise of a wider multidisciplinary team.


In an integrated system, patients see the professional who can most meet their needs at any one time, regardless of the organisation that professional works for.