One system, one team, one you

What it means for you and your family

Our aim is to keep people living healthily, independently and feeling in control of their own health and wellbeing.  If you need help from the health and care system, we want to make it as easy as possible to access and provide an experience which is tailored to your individual needs.


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Everyone who lives, works, or even visits Northumberland will benefit from a better integrated health and care system.  From the youngest people in our society, to the frail and elderly, all members of the community stand to benefit from services which are easier to access, better organised, more joined-up and, most importantly, focused around patient need.

If you are generally a fit and healthy person we want to help keep you that way.  We also want to make sure that when you do need to access help from the NHS, whether that’s in an emergency or as part of planned care to help with a one-off problem, that you can access high quality care, in a timely way to resolve your problem

Many of us live with long-term health conditions and will regularly use health and care services. For example things like diabetes, breathing problems such as COPD, heart conditions or arthritis (to name a few)!  We want to give you more help so that you can confidently manage your own condition at home, stay well and be able to get on with life

There are also many people in our communities who have very complex care needs and require comprehensive support and intervention from health and care services. This is often very frail elderly people who need packages of care wrapped around them to keep them safe.  It also includes those reaching the end-of-life, regardless of age, who need palliative care and those with other complex needs such as mental health problems or learning disabilities