One system, one team, one you

Our vision for Northumberland

All health and social care partners in Northumberland share a collective vision to better integrate and co-ordinate care for people living across the county.



Although we have a very good history of delivering high quality and well ‘integrated’ care, we know we can still do much more to improve the experience of people accessing our services.

There are still far too many unacceptable examples of patients having to repeat their stories several times and of care which is not personalised or co-ordinated very well.  We also need to pay much more attention on helping our communities to prevent themselves becoming ill in the first place.

Our patients, the public and our staff consistently where we can do better.  To fix these things, we need to work in new ways, towards shared goals and without organisational boundaries so that we can create an ‘integrated health and care system’ in Northumberland which truly puts our patients’ needs first.

As well as building these new models of care, we are also working to develop a proposal for a single Accountable Care Organisation for Northumberland which would make it much easier for teams across different organisations to work more effectively together for the benefit of patient care.

You can download and read our vision in full here.