One system, one team, one you

What it means for health and care staff

Our 10,000 workforce will be at the very heart of truly integrating care in Northumberland and joining up services in a better way for patients. To make our vision a reality, we will be working closely with all health and care staff to make sure we have the right professionals, in the right place, at the right time to look after people in the most convenient way.

Integrated workforce

We will be working with all stakeholders to make sure we develop a workforce fit for the future and the changing needs of our aging population.  Our vision will focus on:

  • making sure all health and care professionals are focussed on health promotion, disease prevention, early detection, self-care and proactive management
  • improving the skill mix of teams to make sure the right care is delivered, by the right person, in the right care setting
  • creating new roles and increasing numbers of staff with the right clinical skills and ability to prescribe in the community, allowing GPs to focus on caring for those with more complex needs
  • developing more community-based specialists and more staff with flexible skills who can carry out a range of functions, blurring traditional organisational and professional boundaries
  • introducing new roles and skill-mix across primary and community-based teams to create capacity for same day access and support the improvement of home visiting services
  • career development opportunities for staff to improve retention
  • working with the ambulance service to develop community paramedic roles.